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Accountability Assistance


 together we will:

  1. Define your goal

  2. Deconstruct it 

  3. Determine timelines

  4. Develop Accountability check-ins (text or email) 

The Accountability

you need 

to reach the Goals

you want

to achieve



Liza Bobé

Elevate Fitness

I am being super productive and feeling less stressed on the thought of wearing so many hats. My husband is benefiting from it as well because he’s not having to keep after me as much to get my stuff done. Also, we are all going to bed at a “normal” time.

Kevin White

The White Group

It's tempting to create a story of overwhelm when breaking it down makes it east to address!

Tammy Lensing

Community Connectors

I have never felt more EMPOWERED to set a goal and COMPLETE it! Ava  brought the clarity I needed

Tandem brings Accountability

Accountability brings Action

Action brings Progress

Zoom Call_edited.jpg

Step #1

Book A quick call to:


-Talk about your needs

-Ask questions

-Discuss the accountability process




Step #2

You receive a customized:







-link to book your first session 


Step #3

We will work in Tandem to:

-Define your goal(s)

-Deconstruct your goal(s)into bitesized pieces

-Determine your timelines

-Develop accountability check-ins (via text or email)


Unlike an accountability partnership:

You are the sole focus 

You do have the time for accountability:

The tasks are already on your list, nothing new

You already know what to do:

You just aren't doing it

Procrastination gets old:

You are ready to be the person who gets stuff done

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