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Howdy- I'm Ava, and I founded Tandem Virtual Assistant.I serve as an Accountability Assistant and work  alongside a wonderful team to fill all the needs of this business.

I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend and above all, a Christian.

I love people more than animals, I love milk more than any other beverage and I love a good attitude and believe it can transform ANY circumstance



Hello - I’m Laura, and I am an accountability assistant.


I am a wife, mom, sister, aunt and so much more! 


I am a total book nerd, like a laugh out loud, cry, tune out the world when I am reading book nerd!  Pizza is hands down the best food ever and I could eat it every day…unless you put Canadian bacon on it, and then it is a hard pass! 


I am passionate about special needs advocacy and pursuing big dreams and goals.  I have spent the last few years studying and implementing techniques to help me channel that passion and pursue goals I never imagined before.

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