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“A goal is a dream with its work boots on.” Rachel Hollis

Steps 3 & 4

Look at your list of dreams from step 2 and pick 10 that you want to focus on first. Depending on how you want to track them, these will be what you put into your document, spreadsheet, or if you are like me your priority journal (trademarked by Hollis Co.). Like I said I use something called the Start the Day Journal and I write the 10 dreams I selected each day! This keeps my eye on the ball and helps me get centered for the day ahead. If that is not your style, that is fine, type it up and save it to your computer, or create a dream board with lots of pictures to inspire you. However, you want to do it, put pen to paper and write out 10 dreams to start pursuing.

Here are a few of my 10

1. I (we) own a home with separate living quarters.

2. I have a career I love and contribute equally to our finances.

3. I run a not-for-profit for families with Autism.

4. My home is clean and organized.

5. I have a trust fund for my girls.

Step 4

Ok so we started BIG, we imagined and visualized the future, we broke down that visualization to dreams, we narrowed those down to just 10…now we make a goal! Look at your dreams and pick ONE thing that if you did it would make everything easier, that would create the biggest impact or ripple effect and make it a goal! Think of the inverted pyramid we have been discussing. We started with big, abstract dreams and ideas, and now we are at the tip. This goal is the one thing you can work on today to get you one step closer to your dream. There are a couple of ways to do this. You can go all in, on just one single dream and therefore have just one single goal that you give full focus to. Or you can pick one goal for each of the categories above (personal, physical, work, etc.) to work towards. This is a way to further personalize it to you but remember to pick just one from each category. These goals will be your priorities, the guides for what you do each day, and if you try to make everything a priority, then let’s face it, nothing will be. Let this be an exercise of focus and intentionality! Keep the acronym SMART in mind as you translate your dreams into goals!

Here are a couple of examples from my current journal:

  • Be Financially Free (big audacious dream)

  • I have a career I love and contribute equally to our finances. (one of my 10 dreams)

  • Complete Accounting Bachelors (My current goal) in 2021. * I got to cross off this goal recently and it felt AMAZING!!!!!!!

Now with those in mind, I put my focus on my degree when scheduling my day, when choosing which opportunities and obligations to say yes to, and so on. My degree is my career/work goal.

Now a personal goal

  • I am an exceptional mother (big audacious dream)

  • I am an encouraging and loving mom that makes her children a priority. (one of my 10 dreams)

  • Put my phone away and spend one on one time with each girl focusing on quality time together. (My current goal)

All right, now you have the map ledger, it is your turn to visualize, dream, focus, and set goals! I can’t wait for you to chase down that dream and watch yourself become the person you dream of being. Let’s make that dream a reality!!!

In my next post, I will discuss finding your WHY and sharing a goal tracking worksheet to use as you work through the process on your own!

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