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“Dare to dream, then decide to do” ~ Annette White

Step 1 of 4

This is the biggest and most abstract part of the process. Picture an inverted pyramid, step 1 is setting the foundation for you to build your goals from!

First, sit down and imagine your ideal life, where if you achieved this life all your dreams would have come true, and you would be living the best life imaginable for you…and then go bigger don’t let limiting beliefs creep in here, this is all about big crazy dreams folks! This is a brain dump session; nothing is too big or too small! Do you want to own a home in the Swiss Alps with windows overlooking the mountains? Write it down. Do you want a library like in Beauty and the Beast with a ladder that slides across the shelves? Write it down. Do you want to be an exceptional spouse that loves and supports your partner? Write it down. Do you want to be a vegan yoga instructor that lives in a beach house in Bali? Guess what, write it down! Look at every area of your life and break down your ideal life in each category, personal, physical, business, money, etc. I usually take a day or two to do this part. I write it down, then walk away and re-visit the next day because I inevitably think of things I missed! You can write this in bullet form, paragraphs, or even just words, I love creating a concept map for mine so I can see where they intersect (and I am an accountant nerd, so I love a good chart lol).

This is the written version of your personal visualization of your ideal future. This part, in many ways, can be the most challenging because it tends to push us out of our comfort zones, and challenges limiting beliefs that we are clinging to. I know for me the first time I did it I realized I had no clue what I wanted or how to articulate what I wanted in my life. I was raised and had spent so much time living according to how I was expected to live that I had never taken a deep hard look at who I wanted to be, what I wanted for my life. I tended to work towards not becoming someone or something that I forgot to find out what I did want to do. It was discouraging. But eventually, I got all my thoughts down on paper and had this Ah-Ha moment, and was beyond excited, because I could vividly picture my dream and I was ready to sprint ahead to it.

Ok, your homework for the week is to write out your dreams, search your heart for that ideal life that you are aspiring to live, and see what all comes up! Take your time and lean into the process of mapping out your goal roadmap!!

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