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Elementary school taught me the importance of a Welcome Packet 🤨

When you sign a new client, your priority is to make them feel welcome and secure in their decision. The time between signature and project kick-off is crucial in setting the tone and providing them a sense of belonging. I learned the importance of Welcome Packets in elementary school.

Growing up, we moved a lot. Needless to say, I went to my fair share of schools. I can still remember the fear, I mean, feeling of walking into a new school.

The smell of the cafeteria bellowing down the hall, reminding me I had no idea where to sit at lunchtime or even worse, anyone to sit with.

The sound of morning announcements, reverberating from the speakers. Briefly muffling the sound of me hyperventilating my way through the Pledge of Allegiance.

And who can forget the awkward stares from the droves of adolescent sycophants that watched as I feebly stood in front of them like a calf up for auction as the well-meaning teacher introduced: “Class, I would like you to meet Ava, she is new.”

It was exhausting, but somehow my pre-double digit self figured it out. Day after day I tried my best to acclimate, learn the ropes, make friends, and somewhere in-between brush up on my long division.

Everyone is pre-double-digit Ava at some point or another. When we are new, we lack a feeling of belonging, the confidence of experience, and the ability to navigate uncharted territory. We cannot take away the newness of an experience for someone. But what we can do is ease the transition for them.

What I failed to mention in my story was the merciful classmate who was voluntold to act as my liaison. This kind soul told me where to go, when to go there and why it was important. It sounded something like this: “When the bell rings, run out the blue doors by the bathroom, and go to room 214 on the second floor of building B. It is Mr. Richart's class and if your late he will lock the door and call your parents.” Well hot dog, I can do that! And just like that, I was in. I knew the drill and I could conform.

The same can be said for your clients. They too are a little nervous regarding this new venture that they are not only committing to but also PAYING for. But, just like me, they can learn the “drill”. The secret is, you have to be merciful and tell them what to do when the bell rings.

You do this by providing your clients with a Welcome Packet. “When does one provide said Welcome Packet,” you ask? I suggest between contract signature and project kick-off.

Y’all, be kind, rewind, and go back to basics. You know what to do, why to do it, but what you may need help with is the HOW. If that’s the case, I got you. I think we can all agree, I HAVE the experience. My goal for you is to create an easy, informative, welcoming experience for your clients and that starts with the creation of a personalized Welcome Packet created especially for them. Go get em' tiger!

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