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“Hipster Ipsum”

Lorem Ipsum or "Hipster Ipsum" and all the other "Ipsum's" are placeholders used until the actual text is ready for publishing. I came across this tidbit of information on a colleague’s social media page. Before then, I had seen Lorem Ipsum, but I never really understood how interesting a jumbled group of Latin words could be. So, I am going to give you the cliff notes, because formally citing sources terrifies me:

-Lorem Ipsum has been around for a long, I mean super long time

-The scrambled Latin words were taken from a book written by the ancient Roman Statesman, Marcus Cicero.

-The purpose of this discombobulated group of text is to act as a placeholder. So as not to distract from the aesthetics of a graphic or layout

For example:

-You decide to build your own website

-You are not a graphic designer, and your tech skills go as far as Google will take you. That being said, you have no idea where to position pictures on this site, let alone where the heading goes??

-So, you use a template (template: premade format for a website, document, or anything really)- I love templates

-That template appears on your screen and has the word “Heading” as a placeholder. This notifies you this is where the heading belongs.

-This template has boxes with stock photos where personalized pictures are to be added and so on.

The place holder for content (whatever message you want to get across) is Lorem Ipsum. This looks like real text, making it the ideal placeholder.

And, nowadays you can personalize this placeholder. There are many versions of Lorem Ipsum. Above you see a snippet of Hipster Ipsum. There is also Cat Ipsum, Starwars Ipsum, Pirate Ipsum and so much more. The options are endless and hysterical.

Ok, back to the point:

Why do we sometimes see it on websites?

Some domain hosts provide default templates or websites which contain Lorem Ipsum as filler text. You are seeing it because the editor or owner of the site forgot to take it out. Don’t let this be you. It confuses the heck out of visitors- take it from me.

How can you use this in your business?

1. Font selection. Not sure what font you want, and seeing it on one word just isn’t doing the trick? Insert Lorem Ipsum and you can see what a paragraph of that font will look like.

2. Marketing: Want to market an e-book, templates, or recipe cards without the public seeing the actual content? Use Lorem Ipsum in place of words. It will look natural without giving away your valuable information.

3. Layout: When creating the design before the content, Lorem Ipsum allows you to grasp the layout, bringing your vision to life.

There is even a short cut to insert Lorem Ipsum into your Word document:

Type: =lorem() into your text

Hit Enter and the placeholder text will appear- like magic!

Heck, I think my next blog post will be written in Lorem Ipsum 😳

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