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“The Biggest Adventure You Can Take Is To Live The Life Of Your Dreams.” Oprah Winfrey

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Today's task is to look at your dreams from step 1 and start listing out all the specific dreams that you would need to reach to fulfill that big dream you imagined. For example, after being a stay-at-home mom for years, then an accounting student for a few more, I want to tangibly contribute to our finances equally. So, one of my dreams is, “I have a career I love and contribute equally to our finances” You may have noticed that I write my dreams as if they have already happened. I am not interested in wishy-washy I hope this happens someday, I am telling myself every single day that this will happen and therefore I write it as if it has happened, and someday I will get to cross it off my list because I will be actively living that part of my dream! I also want to give credit where credit is due, I heard about writing goals as if they had already happened in a podcast by Rachel Hollis and it resonated with me, so I choose to emulate that style myself. Now, go through all the aspects of your dream future and write them out into specific dreams. I emphasize specific because you need a way to measure if you have met that dream because let me tell you, it is a rush to cross off a big dream that you have been pursuing for so long!!

Here are a few bits and pieces from my last dream brain dump…

Step 1 Brain Dump

Buy our first house. Purchase our dream home with, beautiful views, lots of counter space, a library with windows and comfy chair…maybe a window seat. A home gym with treadmill, a yoga space (preferrable outside) fire pit area. My house has a separate living quarter for my daughter with special needs someday to have her own independent space, but we can still help her, and it will be safe/affordable

Lifestyle- I am active, work out 5 days a week, and move my body daily (walking, yoga, active recovery). I eat a healthy, clean diet, vegetarian. I meditate and have a yoga practice. I shop ethically and support causes important to me with my purchasing power. I am comfortable with my weight and how my body looks.

We are financially free, able to spend how we want, and freely support causes near and dear to us and help others.

My brain dump goes on much more (2 pages), but you get the basic gist of it. I go into work aspirations, travel, finances, my children, and relationships (i.e., spouse/partner, friends, and community).

Step 2 My dreams

My list of total dreams was I think around 30 tangible dreams, but here are just a few

I (we) own a home with separate living quarters.

I (we) have a trust fund for my daughter’s care.

I (we) take one international trip each year.

I buy ethically made clothes.

I work out at least 5 days a week

I am a loving and encouraging mother.

I am a supportive and loving wife.

I am a vegetarian.

Ok, you get the picture! Now it is your turn to take to the mass of ideas from week 1 and list them into specific dreams to build your goals off. Remember we are using backward chaining. We started with the base, all the information of our ideal future. This week we are simply bringing order to that brain dump and seeing which ideas can come under the same dream like I have a ton of home dreams, so I could also have written, I own my dream home. Or let’s say a lot of your dreams involve your body and/or health, your dreams could be I work out x number of days a week and another could be I eat a clean and healthy diet.

This is a vision board I created last year after doing this process, you don't need to create a vision board but I like having that visual reminder of what I am hustling towards and why I am busing tail to get there!

Stay tuned for steps 3 and 4 in my next post!

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