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Work like it all depends on us. Pray like it all depends on God- Dave Ramsey

The year was 2018: I had a new business and a dream.

Tandem Virtual Assistant may have been in the beginning stages, but I knew God had something big planned for IT and ME.

Like most new business owners, I was hungry for information, education, and connection. To quench this hunger, I bought a ticket to Christy Wright’s “Business Boutique”.

Being the Ramsey Solutions fanatic I am, this was the conference of a lifetime! I was pumped, business cards were at the printer and I had my elevator pitch queued and on the ready. But wait, don’t get too excited for me just yet, nope, this is where I pee on your cheerios folks because- I didn’t get to go.

Wipe your tears people, two amazing things came from this sad cancelation:

1. I was able to sell my ticket to a wonderful woman who today I have the privilege to call one of my most loyal clientele- shout out to Kim the Keto Koach


2. I was able to attend the conference the following year, with my dear friend and fellow entrepreneur Alisha, owner of Everything Baby

Everything truly happens for a reason- God is good!

Fast forward to October 2019 and yours truly was on a direct flight to my ol’ Stompin’ grounds: Nashville, TN. I was able to gobble up the wisdom of Christy Wright and a whole line-up of business rock-stars at that conference.

I must admit, I still have a hunger for information, education, and connection- but the Business Boutique Conference was a great snack in this smorgasbord of life. I walked away with a doggy-bag full of wisdom nuggets that I fall back on to this day. One of them being the Dave Ramsey quote: Work like it all depends on us. Pray like it all depends on God

So, if you find yourself wandering aimlessly through this journey of entrepreneurship. Fall to your knees, and PRAY then get up and WORK, rinse and repeat.

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